Detailed Drawings

Off On The Right Foot.

We will meet with you to go over every detail of your project. Drawings will be generated before any production begins.


Attention to Detail.

Our team is precise down to last nut and bolt. No shortcut will ever be taken. We will not let a structure go out that does not meet our satifaction quarantee.

No Two Projects Are The Same.

We know that every job is custom. This is why we have the best crew on the job. Our team is the heart of the operation and key to our sucess.

Professional Installation

The Final Step.

These structures are meant to go up quickly and efficiently so there is little inconvenience to our customers. We are only happy when the customer is happy.

  • Foundations are not always needed.
  • Ready to Install in 2-3 weeks.
  • Construction only takes a few days
  • Knowledgeable Crew

Full Service Center

We go beyond just the fabrication of these amazing structures. We offer other services that come along with
manufacturing poly buildings. Whether it is one of our smaller structures or if you have bought a structure
from another retailer, we are here in the case that you need a simple repair or a recover. If we can manufacture
these buildings, then we will definitly be here to handle all the services that come along with them.

Custom Recovers

Is you have an existing structure and the weather has taken its toll on the fabric, give us a call. Any size cover, from car cover to the larger structures, we can take care of you. We have a fabric superior to most.


So you have a small hole our tear in your fabric, no problem. There is no job too small for us. Every customer is important to us. If a repair is not a feasible solution, we will advise you on a recover or new structure.

Wholesale Services

That's right! We offer whoelsale structures and fabric. We are a distributor of the NovaShield fabric. Please call our facility to learn more about our wholesale program and how you can get started in this growing industry.

Long Term Savings

So you need a product that is cost-effective and will pay off in the log run? That is where we come in! From car covers, to greenhouses, to livestock housing, we have a solution to your problem. In this economy, everyone is looking to buy something that will last them for years to come. That is where Poly Structures thrive. It is guaranteed to be a good investment that, in the long-run, will save you money.

Our structures come with a superior warranty compared to metal buildings. Fabric buildings are repairable, recoverable and more environmentally friendly in comparison to traditional metal buildings. You can't go wrong with a Poly Structure!

Fast & Easy Clean Up

Our structures go up quickly and have very little clean up. There is no sawdust or insullation to worry about. We want to make the construction of your building as small of an inconvenience as we can.

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