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In order to show you the type of products we offer, some of these photos have been supplied by Clear Span.

Livestock Housing

Keep your livestock happier and healthier. The natural ventilation and sunlight makes it less maintanence for you.

Recycle & Waste

Help to keep waste covered while still allowing for easy loading and unloading by large equipment.

Riding Arenas

Have the ability rto ride night and day. The fabric reduces the sound of rain on the building creating a stress free area for your horses.

Sand & Salt Storage

Protect sand and salt piles from precipitation. This will help elimate ground water contamination from runoff.


Allow natural sunlight to flourish while keeping the harsh elements, such as rain and sleet, at bay.

Equipment Storage

The absence of interior support posts allow you to easily maneuver large equipment and store them away from harsh weather elements.

Vehicle Storage

This smaller structure is perfect to store the family RV or that classic car that you want to help protect from rust.

Hay Storage

Protect your hay and other sensative materials from rain and snow. Keep hay from drying out in the direct sunlight.

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