Environmental Benefits

Natural Lighting

Translucent properties helps to reduce utility bills.

Minimize Costs

Using Nova Shield will help to reduce your operating costs.

Good for the Earth

This patented fabric is 100% recyclable. It's good to go Green!

Low Maintenance

Since there are no chemicals in the material, rain can wash it clean.

NovaShield II WIth Armorkote

Unique Weave Design

This fabric offers superior durability. This fabric is the only fabric on the market to have co-extrusion which gives you richer colors, enhanced UV protection and true opacity. Because the material is double stacked, the fire resistant additives are in both the interior weave and the polyehtylene coatings. Please click the button below to see a full product sheet.


Armorkote Advantages

Strong & Light

This fabric's unique weave gives it a superior strength-to-weight properties. It does not matter on the size of your structure, whether it be a simple RV cover or a massive hay storage structure, this material will hold up to it's standards. Due to the lighter weight, it makes for easier and faster installations.

The Difference

Armorkote has taken two years for NovaShield to perfect to make the membrane stronger and more optimal for its applications. The flex/crack performance has increased by 300%, 7x the abrasion resistance, seam strength is improved up to 200% and it resists chemicals 2.25 times more than the original NovaShield. The Armorkote provides a more reliable and higher performance material.

Fire Resistance

NovaShield with Armorkote meets California Fire Marshall Code (F-51405). To make this material fire resistant, the FR additives are applied to the polyethylene tapes on the interior of the fabric and to the low-density polyethylene coating on the exterior on the fabric.

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