Why Fabric Over Metal?

So what is it that makes fabric such a better option over
traditional matel buildings? The biggest difference is the natural lighting that the fabric allows to pass through. It is huge saver on energy and cuts the costs of your utility bills. Not only does it allow for natural lighting inside the building, but it helps keep the temperature controlled; it can stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The natural light and ventilation also keeps the air healthier by reducing the amount of moisture & bacteria inside the structure. These buildings are obviously a more economical solution.

But Wait, There's More...

Maximum Usable Space

Fabric Structures do not have any interior poles or supports to work around or slow down production. You can maneuver large equipment around easily and maximize your storage space. Unloading and loading materials onto large trucks or moving product from one location to another can be easily managed.

No Foundations

Fabric Structures are flexible and therefore allow for little to no site preperation to install. There is no need for a concrete foundation to put up a fabric structure. We can install in soil and other somewhat uneven surfaces. With the variety of anchoring systems we offer, your structure can be built almost anywhere.

Low Maintanence

Due to the shape of our structures, rain and snow roll down the sides, reducing the amount of buildup and pressure on the top of the structure. The galvanized steel framework reduces corrosion and rust. You will encounter less rodents and pests since there are hardly any corners to nest in.

Premanent / Temporary

These building are built with a quality that is meant to last, which is perfect for permanent situations. But because they are so economical and versatile, they are the ideal solution for tempoary usage and can be easily relocated or broken down.


Here at Structural Poly Sales, we stand behind our quality and the durability of our materials. We use galvanized steel and NovaShield II with Armorkote, the best material the industry has to offer. We want you to be confident in your investment and we are here to provide you with a sense of assurance that you are getting a quality product.

Anchoring Systems


Secure your
structure direct
to concrete with
metal plates.


We also offer
ratchets straps
as another

Ground Stakes

We offer
options from
ground rods to
rebar with
fastening options.



The basis colors
we offer are:
Clear, Black, White
Silver, Beige, Blue
Red and Green

Fire Resistant

Our Fire Resistant
colors are:
White, Beige, Grey
Green, Navy Blue
and Brown

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