Weather Resistant

Keep the elements at bay. Because our structures come in an arched and gothic style top, it can withstand heavy snow fall. This is because most of the snow will slide down the sides. Heavy winds and rain are also well tolerated by these structures. The acoustics on the interior of building make the sound of rain seem softer compared to a metal building.

natural lighting

Save energy & improve air quality. Fabric sturcutures offer natural lighting on whatever you may be covering. This can help reduce the cost of electricity and creates a more natural environment with better air quality. Natural sunlight allows your building to stay fresh and clean. Thus, creating a more natural environment for you and your animals to thrive in.

fire resistant

A little piece of mind. We offer optional material that is fire resistant and meets the appropriate fire ratings. Along with a steel frame for the support of the building, instead of wood studs, the threat of starting a fire can be more easily avoided. We want to make sure that the your building is safe for you, your livestock and you equipment.

Fabric Advantages

  • No Columns or Interior Support
  • Fewer Pests and Rodents
  • Comes Clean Naturally with Rainfall
  • Exceptional Acoustics
  • Easier Climate Control
  • Ventilation Eliminates Moisture
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Move or Relocate

"structural" integrity

An Econimical Solution

Poly Structures have become an economical solution compared to traditional metal or wood buildings. These buildings are built to maximize useable interior space, save energy, and be a long term investment. Fabric buildings are becoming a growing trend in the agricultural market. It is also a strong alternative in the residential community as an alternative to metal carports and storage sheds.

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